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Been programming and working with #FOSS as a hobby during the last two decades. Got the bright (stupid) idea to start study #CS for real, at #LTU in Sweden, so I guess I have to get used to be a poor student now?

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Alex . @lmas,

Hey guys, anyone know of dev friendly instances that allows testing federation, as well as other shenanigans in between?
It's difficult spinning up my own testing instances since everything needs ssl/domain names and stuff.

I'm also really eager to see if you manage to get the test suits up and running, thanks for working on that!

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Alex . @lmas,
Stop doing math? Toggle visibility

Found at the university, I suspect this door leads to the math department..

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Alex . @lmas,

Please excuse my ignorance and/or bot-like behavior, I'm a power-user trying to find my place in the fediverse.

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